What’s in your camera bag?


  • Two Canon 5D Mark iii’s

  • Canon 6D
  • Canon 50mm 1.2
  • Sigma 85mm 1.4
  • Canon 35mm 2.0
  • Canon Flash
  • Canon 75-300mm

The canon 50mm 1.2 is my baby. I keep this lens one of my bodies all day. On my other camera body, I will switch between the 85mm, and 35mm! 85mm is perfect for ceremonies, It allows me to get further back, while still making it seem as if I’m close to you! Though I will still pull out the 50mm during the ceremony so I can get some wider shots of your ceremony set up!

Do you Travel?


Yes, yes, &  yes! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Traveling is so inspiring. I thrive on inspiration, so I would love to travel to you! Though there are travel fees for out of state weddings, engagement sessions, and Elopements. Please provide me any and all information in the contact form, so I can give back the best and accurate travel cost!

How many Images are Included?


Let me be honest, I don’t like to give an exact number of images that will be delivered to you. Though I do give an average number. Weddings are anywhere from 800-1000+, Elopements are 400-500+, & Engagement sessions are anywhere from 150-200+. I just can’t bring myself to hold back any good photos from you. All I can say is I can promise you will have so many to pick from!

Can I have the RAW files?


No. You hired me for my work, correct? cool! Then the raw files is not a finished product, and providing unedited/raw files wouldn’t exactly be a representation of my work!

What do I need to book you?


Head over for my contact page and fill out my form first! once we both feel like we are a good match, I require a 25% retainer and my contract signed, to officially mark you in my calendar. If I’ve only received one of things listed above, you are not considered officially booked! I’m really big on meeting my clients before I book, so if you’d like to meet over coffee or food, that is an instant yes!

Do you allow payments? 


Yes! Of course. Contact me and we can create a payment plan for you!

Are retainers refundable? What if my wedding date gets cancelled and moved? 


Once I have marked your date in my calendar, I have turned away all other inquiries, so no retainers are not refundable. If your wedding date gets moved, a new 20% retainer is to be made for your new date.

Do engagement sessions come with your wedding packages?


Yes! a complimentary engagement session is given with my highest package. if you decide to not go with my highest package, a discount on engagement sessions are given with my other packages. I feel having me take your engagements are so important for us! It helps me get the feel of each other for the wedding day!

*There is a travel fee for engagement sessions outside of Birmingham area*



What Kind of editing will you do on our photos?


Over the past several years I have perfected and continue to perfect presets I use on my sessions and weddings. I do not just slap a preset on your photos and call it a day. I am always tweaking, making sure you guys are glowing, fixing lighting, and adding those rich colors. This helps enhance my presets as I edit each wedding (your wedding helps me improve and progress in the editing world for sure!). I don’t try and do any heavy photoshop editing other than acne, bruising, scraps, etc. I don’t typically editing any scaring out unless that is personally requested from you. I don’t want to offend someone by editing a scar out because I don’t know the story behind that scar. So you will have to reach out to me about that, and I will gladly follow your request!